I’ve graduated from Wealthy Affiliate

I’m officially not a member of Wealthy Affiliate anymore but I was a premium member of the platform for about 6 months recently. So what do I think about it? Is Wealthy Affiliate a great platform (or) completely worthless? By the way, I’m not earning any of their commissions in this post, so no worries, there is simply no reason for me to be biased. And I have no intention of bias, my objective is simply to provide the best value to my readers such as yourself.

From my experience, I found that Wealokfmomncfzmrvbhlthy Affiliate is good for beginners in Affiliate Marketing (or) for those who need a structured approach to finally start making their initial dollars with affiliate marketing. It’s also good for those who are unable to build or maintain their own websites (or) those who have a lot of affiliate newbie questions. It is also good for those who are accustomed to working in teams (perhaps in a previous job) and who are now feeling lonely to be all alone with their computer in front of them. There is an enormous community of fellow bloggers and affiliate marketers at Wealthy Affiliate. But that’s not all, there is a time when Wealthy Affiliate is simply not worth it anymore. I will go over that as well since it’s the reason I finally graduated and stopped being their member. Whew, now that’s a relief!

Income School (or) Wealthy Affiliate

When I initially decided to join Wealthy Affiliate, it was via recommendation from one of their existing affiliates. At that point, I was also considering Income School but decided to go the WA route as it was a lower monthly payment than a much higher amount of money upfront at Income School.


Both the programs appeared on an equal footing, so I thought I might as well start with Wealthy Affiliate. On the whole, I would say that Wealthy Affiliate certainly helped fill in the gaps in my affiliate-marketing know-how and it was fun and refreshing to network with a large community of fellow internet marketers.

Make Money Niche: A Great Commission Structure

For those who want to build a niche website around promoting Wealthy Affiliate, the commissions percentage is great at about 50% for every new premium member signup. Even more exciting is that this is monthly recurring income that pays for every single month for every single premium member you are able to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate.

It simply does not get any better than this and for those who are able to sign up more than 300 premium referrals in a given year, there is an all-paid trip to Las Vegas where you get to meet the WA team and all their other super affiliates.

Newbie’s Heaven

I vividly remember my 1st week at WA in October last year, I truly felt that I had arrived among equals at a legitimate place for further growth as an internet marketer. I also quickly upgraded to the premium membership within a week of joining as a free starter member.

As soon as I signed up, I started receiving warm welcomes from many of the members who were very motivating and offered to help with their support and guidance. I quickly started interacting, communicating and sharing experiences and gave back to the community with my care and support to newer members.

Hosting and Support

Building my website with them was a breeze. Since I already had a website, I was able to quickly transfer my hosting to WA in a matter of minutes on my own. I occasionally had issues with the site speed but these were easily resolved by contacting the WA support team.

The 2 Training Tracks

The training appeared well-structured and there were ample videos and easy-to-follow instruction on even the most basic web marketing tasks. Anything that wasn’t directly covered in the core training I could easily find by chatting with other members and the member classrooms.

Since my niche was in the higher education space, I chose the OEC (Online Entrepreneur Certification) track. There was also another track called the Affiliate Bootcamp which is specifically for those who plan on promoting Wealthy Affiliate and other similar affiliate programs. So I chose the OEC initially and completed most of the core certifications there.

Then as my online marketing know-how grew and once I started seeing some sales, it was time for one more niche site in the Make money space. At this time, I started on the Affiliate Bootcamp training. Having participated in both the training tracks, I quickly found that the Affiliate Bootcamp covered many more marketing concepts and had so much more training than the OEC training tracks. So this made it clear to me that WA is giving a much stronger push to the ‘Make Money’ niches that promote their platform than the other niches such as pet care, ayurveda, education and so on.

This is inspite of the fact that all premium members pay the same subscription fee which is currently $49/month. Though everyone is provided with open access to both the training tracks, what is lacking is the openness and clarity. When I asked some senior members which track is better to take, everyone said for general niches just go with the OEC and some even said that there is no need to take both the tracks since the material is very similar. But once I took the Bootcamp training after the OEC, I found that it contained 7 Phases (with 10 lessons per phase) and the OEC contained 5 Levels (with 10 lessons per level).

Is the Training Outdated?

I would say yes, the training is outdated by about 2 to 3 years. Considering how quickly things evolve and change in the internet marketing space, that is indeed a problem. Most of the training and videos I encountered in both the OEC and the Bootcamp were recorded in 2017 or in 2018. Some of the premium members keep adding their own training more frequently, but since most people follow only the platform’s core training, members miss out on some critical pieces of new information there.

Their Scam Reviews

There are repeated examples in the Affiliate Bootcamp training about articles that review other services with the question of whether it is a scam. There is also one super affiliate who is making good money in WA referrals by calling all other services except Wealthy Affiliate a scam. In numerous interactions I found that this was highly encouraged by the platform and its founders. I found this to be an unethical practice of simple bashing up anyone who is not associated with Wealthy Affiliate.


There is a much sought-after title called Ambassador in the WA platform and these are not necessarily people making more affiliate money, but simply those who help others in the platform a lot more than the rest. Ambassadors frequently encourage other members to spend their time helping others, so as to become Ambassadors themselves. I thought this defeated the whole purpose of the platform which is to help everyone to become successful affiliate marketers.

Also, this to me showed greed on the part of the WA founders as they were making monthly paying subscribers to work for them and write a whole lot of new content on the platform which is not their job in the first place. If anyone should work to improve the platform and spend so much time doing that, it should have been the founders or employees of WA and not the monthly-paying premium members/ subscribers.

The Same-Thing Over and Over

The WA platform has thousands of subscribers and everyone is encouraged to write and share their affiliate progress and just about anything else they feel like in WA’s platform posts. After a month or two, this in itself became overwhelming as the same things are often repeated by newer members and started to get mundane over a period of time.

Instead, I would think that a platform that charges such a reasonably high monthly fee would spend more time in designing a system that groups members appropriately such that they all have a more productive learning experience. This random set of posts within WA was often followed by about twenty or thirty emails every day from the member posts that kept filling up my email inbox.

Go, Went, GONE!

What finally tipped me over the fence is that the founders did not even reduce the price of the monthly subscription for a few months in response to the Covid pandemic. Instead there was a long post from one of the founders to the subscribers about how great the online opportunities are currently and so there is no reason to make any concessions.

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