Is blogging a good idea?

Is blogging a good idea? Does it have any benefits or is it a waste of time? Can anyone make money with blogging? Or is it used to share knowledge or experience freely without any monetary benefits? Does blogging require a huge investment of time and money? Does one have to be a developer or have technical or marketing background to create a profitable blog? Getting answers to these questions will help you determine if you should invest your time and effort into blogging.

In my opinion, blogging is indeed a good idea since almost everyone has something they are knowledgeable or passionate about and which can benefit others. Initially when a blog is new, it will require a lot of writing but after a few months there is likely to be an increase in the blog traffic. Once there is site traffic, there are many ways to monetize a blog using ads, affiliate products or by selling one’s own products or services. The money required to host a website is minimal but there will likely be many first few months of continuous blog posts before the website picks up in traffic. Also, WordPress is a very simple and intuitive blogging platform to learn and use without any technical or marketing background whatsoever.


Some people may claim they do not have any specialized knowledge, but blogging can be on any everyday topic. Recipes, pet care, home organization or crafts or just about anything else can make for a good blog topic. Once you find a topic you are passionate about, the writing gets to be fun and easier to do. And the more fun it is, the more enjoyable the whole experience will be.

Please give careful thought to what you want your blog topic to be about. Perhaps the best way to find out is DO YOU ENJOY WRITING?to start by writing about five posts in a text document with about 1000+ words per post. Give yourself about a week to ten days to complete all the 10 posts. By day two or three, if you find that you need to push and drag yourself to write the posts, then you probably need to re-think the entire topic for the blog.

Sometimes the topic itself may be wrong if its not something you thoroughly enjoy writing about. You don’t have to be an expert on the topic, but you need to at least have an interest to do the research and to learn more about the topic. But if are an expert that’s even better, but even a lot of interest in the topic is sufficient to make a blog successful.

In other cases, the niche may be too narrow and there may not be enough things to write about. For example, if your blog is about cake recipes, you can broaden the topic to include all dessert recipes, or all vegan recipes, healthy homemade recipes and so on.


If you are like me, then you probably have many topics that you are interested in writing about. For example, I currently have a blog about US college education, another is the current site, another is a kids learning blog and yet another about home tips for moms. There are many other topics that I continue to have in my list which I plan to work on after I’ve put in a lot of work on these current blogs.

I came to this realization that blogging is in fact the perfect work for me and its like I’m making money while working on my hobbies. All work needs to be enjoyable to anyone to be thoroughly successful in anything.

But with many interests, I also know that I should not divide my time between my blogs too much, so my main focus is on my 1st two blogs and I only occasionally work on my other 2 blogs. To truly be successful, you need to focus on just one or perhaps 2 blogs and stay consistent to become profitable sooner. Once the consistent income comes in from a single blog, then it will be easier to pickup on other newer blogs and again stay focused on the newer blog and thereby get it to income in a few months’ time.


A question that constantly come up is whether a blogger needs to be an expert writer or author of some sort. There is no such requirement but it helps to have some interest in informal writing. Since blogging is supposed to be conversational, just like you are talking to a friend and sharing some tips, you need to put that conversation into the written words and that’s it. The more simple and conversational you can keep your blogging, the more easily you can reach your target audience. You want your blog readers to be able to relate to you as a person and also to see you as trustworthy and as somewhat of an expert on the topic.


Maintaining an authority blog that attracts thousands or even millions of visitors will require you to write many in-depth pillar-type posts on a consistent basis. This could initially start with one post a week, then 2 posts, then 3 posts and as you keep progressing you might even be able to write 4 or more posts per week. The reason I do not recommend writing one post a day is that the quality of your posts is much more important than the quantity. And there are many times when you will have to thoroughly research a topic before even starting to write the article or post.

To be able to write many posts every week, it will be much smoother and not an uphill battle with yourself to write, if you actually enjoy writing! In fact if you absolutely hate writing, then blogging is probably not right for you. But if you enjoy writing, or if you try it a few times and start enjoying it more over time, then that’s fine for long-term blogging. In the initial several months until you generate a decent income, it is best to do all the blog writing yourself. Once your blog starts to generate an income you can live off of, then you can start to hire one or more writers to keep the blog running with new and high quality content.

Even if you have the money to invest in writers early on, please do not do this before getting to a good income. The main reason for this is that you need to be an expert blog writer before you can guide others whom you later hire. And writing will take a many months of practice as you keep getting better and better starting from a newbie writer to later when you become an expert at writing.


There is no other way to say this so I’m just going to put this simple and direct. You will take anywhere between about eight months to two years before generating a full time income from blogging. Within this time range, your timeline will depend on a variety of factors such as your niche, the competition, more number of high quality posts, SEO and other marketing efforts. So patience is absolutely necessary to become successful at blogging. There will be small improvements in traffic, and even smaller number of sales at times that will help you measure how well your blog is doing over time.

It will be very tempting to just give up sooner and even more frustrating to keep at it when things initially appear almost silent with very little blog traffic and none or minimal ad income or affiliate sales. So it is in your best interests to keep your job that pays all your bills until you cross the blog income threshold that covers your monthly living expenses. If that is not possible, please be sure to have another source of monthly income until your blog makes it to the number of dollars in income.


Blogging is a long-term business and it will require a lot of your time and effort with little income in the initial stages. Therefore, it is absolutely mandatory that you have the support and encouragement from your family to keep going when things get tough. If that is not the case, it will get even more harder for you to keep blogging and still have peace and happiness at home.

Friends and other well wishers are another source of support if you have those. But your biggest support will always come from your own inner calm and wisdom. Get good sleep, keep fit, eat healthy, and meditate or practice mindfulness. Do your own research and find a technique that is suitable for you. Some good sources of meditation and mindfulness techniques include:

1) YourPurePotential
2) Transcendental meditation (TM)
3) Pillai Center

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