Can You Change Yourself To Be Successful?

Many people struggle for a period of time in their online business before they start making money. I’ve gone through a lot of these troubles myself too. Rather than just accumulating business skills, online entrepreneurship is more about the inner journey that can become your turning point to success. So I ask, can you change yourself to be successful?

There are some simple and yet critical things that make the difference between success and failure. And it will require you to change not just some of your habits, but also how you think about yourself and how you respond to the challenges that will arise. Even for those who are already successful online, getting a few basic things in order will help them overcome the barriers to greater income.

Your Passion

Firstly, are you absolutely sure that the present topic/ niche for your website is so interesting to you that you even think about it in your sleep or while dreaming? When life is not feeling too great or say you are sick, do you still find it motivating to work on your website?

It is not enough to just like what you are doing and the subject you are focusing on for your website. You have to be absolutely crazy about it such that you will keep working on it no matter what until you see the green notes of success and even afterwards!

Can You Change Yourself by Stoking Your Passion?

And if you have not yet found the right niche or topic for your website, now is a great time to think about what makes you totally happy and what you really love doing and learning more about. If there is more than one niche that comes to mind, just write down all the niche topics and then think deeply about the one niche you are happy to put all your time and effort into!

A great yogi once said, “If you are intensely interested in something, you have all the power in your mind to immediately manifest it”. Here are additional sayings on passion to get you energized: 19 Quotes About Following Your Passion.

Inner Blocks and Discipline

Now it is time to visit all your fears and all the negative things that are preventing you from reaching the success line. Have you heard a lot of bad things about people who work for themselves? Are you afraid to start your online business?

These are all questions I have asked myself many times and I’ve looked within to find all my inner fears and then subsequently I overcame these fears one by one. This may seem like a painful exercise but I can tell you that this process is totally worth it!

Can You Change Yourself to Rise Above Your Fears?

I would start by taking a few blank sheets of paper and writing down all your fears about starting a website and list the What, Why and How (WWH) details. The What is what you’re afraid of, for the Why, just go back to all past experiences to trace out where these fears are coming from, and for the How, think about how you’re planning to address or overcome these fears.

This can be an ongoing exercise for tackling all your fears. And once you have the fears part sorted out, then it’s all about discipline and consistency. You need to be able to work on your website and online business on a regular basis irrespective of other things that are calling for attention in your life.

Data Overload and Misinformation

Nowadays there is massive amount of information on everything. All you need is a search on Google or Bing and you can find literally anything you are looking for. But with the benefit of information, sadly, we are also plagued with all sorts of useless details and the sheer volume of information can sometimes be very intimidating.

So I would just focus on the key things you need for building your business and then take a break or listen to music, or family time etc for some relaxation. Don’t get bogged down and confused by reading or taking in too much information which is not necessary for running your business.

Then there are also the scams and fraudsters out there, so be doubly cautious about any new services or products you sign up for. When in doubt, take a closer look, or ask a friend or family member to take a second look for you.

Focus on Work, and Distractions

I would suggest starting the morning with your online work and getting to the errands later in the day, and perhaps entertainment or family time towards the evening if possible. That will allow you to place a high priority on your work and mornings are great for uninterrupted work as kids leave for school and the spouse or other family members are busy with their own work.

When working, minimize all distractions by going into a quiet office or desk for your work. Put a do-not-disturb sign on your door or let people at home know that you are working and will come over to them when you’re done with your work. Lastly, practice breathing deeply and watching your breath calmly for about five to ten minutes with eyes closed. After this, fully focus on your work such that you and your work become ONE.

In this busy world, there are many things that distract us from our work. Television, household chores and errands eat up a lot of our precious time which we could otherwise spend in productively building up our websites. One way of handling chores that works for me is to bundle them together so that I get to do many chores in a single trip from home. Asking family members and your kids to help with some of the tasks can also do wonders for your time.

As far as entertainment or television goes, I try to minimize those and instead spend more quality time with my family. Or if you really need a break and want to watch a movie or something, how about doing it in the company of your family or friends so you get a bit of both. By combining multiple forms of relaxation this way, you will have more time for your work on your website.

Support and Learning

It is always a good idea to have others you can turn to in your line of work. So with online affiliate marketing, I would always find a way to network with other online marketers. One way to do this is by joining online communities and forums. An excellent example of such a helpful and supportive community of internet marketers can be found at Wealthy Affiliate.

Attending networking events and connecting with fellow internet marketers can also be a nice experience. Don’t worry if you think you are a newbie at the online world. There are always many new people entering into online marketing and this is a good opportunity to learn from others who have more experience with internet marketing.

Constantly strive to keep learning and practicing your craft. Sign up for a nice training such as Wealthy Affiliate or just follow along with our posts, find other free and high quality sources of information online and keep learning.

For more information on Wealthy Affiliate, take a look at our post on How To Become An Online Marketer – 3 Simple Steps.

Due Diligence On Purchases

When you are about to sign up for purchasing any new service or product, choose only legitimate vendors who have a long and stable track record. If you have the slightest doubt about a service provider, think about whether you really need that service or can manage without it.

Especially be very careful of monthly subscriptions as these can quietly take a few dollars away each month without you even noticing it. Always ask to try a free service and do not give out your payment information until you are absolutely sure that the product/ service is worth it!

The fewer expenses you have, the less they will all add up. Staying financially lean with your expenses is a great habit to have at all times. By doing this, you can be sure that you have more time to put into your online business instead of worrying about your money situation.

Patience and Perseverance

Internet marketing is aI will cover how to configure these in Google Cloud and AWS in a future post as well. long term business and success cannot be built overnight. So you need to be prepared to stay in it for the long-haul. It could take you several months to make even your first sale but once that happens there will start to be more sales coming your way. Do not lose hope if you’re working and writing content and don’t see enough traffic to your website early on.

All successful marketers initially go through a phase of struggling and learning. So do not fret when you see many others who are more successful than you. Just use the opportunity to learn from them. Your time for SUCCESS will surely come, but before that you need to invest your sweat equity and smartly hone your business skills!

Tracking Progress/ Monitoring

Periodically keep tracking your site traffic with Google Analytics to see how many people are visiting your site. When you initially sign up for Google Analytics, Google will ask you to put a tracking code on your site to verify that you own the website. For this, simply install a plugin such as GA Google Analytics on your website and insert your Google Analytics code there.

To see if your links are being clicked on, you can set up a bitly URL for each of the links on your page and then check at, once in few days, on how many people are clicking on those links. Bitly is a service whereby you can choose a custom short link that subsequently redirects to your url/ link. So by setting a bitly intermediary before your links, you can collect centralized statistics on the number of clicks on each of the links on your posts.

Other than this, login to your affiliate programs and keep checking your sales reports now and then. No need to panic here, the sales will surely come but it is still important to keep tracking so you know when you’ve started making sales. Tracking and measuring progress is something all successful online marketers do on a regular basis.

That’s It!

By following the above strategies, you will be way ahead of at least 80% of the internet newbies out there. Any new endeavor is an internal challenge with your own self more than anything else. Being strong, calm and focused internally is what separates the successful people from those who do not make it.

Both the successful people and many who fail for reasons other work ethic put in the same amount of effort into their business. But what separates them is their passion, drive, focus, enthusiasm to learn and most importantly their perseverance/ patience and their ability to rise above their own fears.

Can You Change Yourself? That's the best way to get to Success FAST!

So keep at it and you will be well on your way to a successful online enterprise. Online business is easy once you have self-mastery all covered :))

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